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Statement of Purpose


Guys Cross Nursing Home in Warwickshire is a registered Care Home with nursing, registered under the Health and Social Care Act 2008 to undertake the following regulated activities:


We provide specialist nursing care for individuals with complex and enduring mental health needs including those that have been diagnosed with Korsakoffs Syndrome.

We are registered to provide care for 34 residents over the age of eighteen, male and female, (our registration allows us to provide care for 16 residents over the age of 65 years within the total number). We are able to provide care for individuals under a guardianship or Community Treatment Order however we do not provide care for individuals under other sections of the Mental Health Act.


We strongly believe that our role is to support people on their recovery journey.

As a specialist care provider with many years experience in this field we understand that everyone’s recovery journey is a personal process requiring an individually tailored package of care and support.

We provide a safe, modern, homely, therapeutic environment in which residents are empowered to develop self help skills and coping strategies to assist them on their recovery journey.

We hold the hope for each resident’s recovery even when they feel they may have lost hope for themselves.


  • To be a centre of excellence for mental health care delivery within a care home setting.
  • To provide a home not an institution ensuring the Home is managed for the benefit of the residents, with residents being encouraged to make decisions about all aspects of daily living.
  • To empower residents to live their life to its maximum potential, taking well assessed risks with the support of a skilled staff team.
  • To provide consistent recovery focused care from a highly skilled and motivated staff team.


  • We will always clearly identify and endeavour to meet the needs of each resident.
  • We will always maintain the highest standards of nursing care by ensuring our recruitment, training and staff supervision policies and procedures are rigorously adhered to.
  • We will always adhere to all statutory and professional regulations with regard to providing care in a care home setting.
  • We will provide daily therapeutic activities to stimulate and support the residents.
  • We will always protect the rights of all residents, acting as advocate where necessary, or helping the resident gain access to an independent advocate if required.
  • We will always support each resident in interactions with the local and larger community and assist them to sustain relationships with family and friends.
  • We will provide comprehensive staff training that is reviewed at least annually to ensure the staff team skill base is maintained and regularly enriched.
  • We will always manage any complaints thoroughly and encourage staff and residents to report any complaints or concerns in confidence and in the knowledge that each complaint will be handled in a thorough yet sensitive manner.
  • We will review all policies and procedures at least annually.
  • We will always endeavour to ensure that all Health and Safety laws and requirements are met at all times.


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